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Written on 9/30/2004 01:35:00 am by sikapitan

I’ve missed my weekend entry deadline, and if you’re wondering why, join the club. It’s not that weird to figure out why the total output for the past 2 months or so cannot even come close to the almost-daily updates I did when I was having my semester holidays. Assignments, sick of looking at the computer (but not too sick for other things you can do with the net), commitments (forced and volunteered:) and other miscellaneous events have conspired to somehow discourage me from writing something new. Or it could be that I’m just plain uninspired.

You see, writing is not something that I would like to take for granted. If I were, you’d probably be reading that the Milo I had at the faculty tasted funny, or my new portable laptop is not so portable after all (I don’t get it. Did Dell think it through when they decided that their standard batteries would only last for an hour- AN HOUR?!) or the fact that exam’s getting closer and I’m still here watching DVDs and repeat football matches on ASTRO (damn you Ananda Krishnan-NOT!). I aim to write something universal, something current, and something that engages your mind as much as mine. But this is absurdly difficult. It’s weird isn’t it how when you are actually more engaged in your activities, the less you contemplate and think.

I’ve realized that the more activities you have in your life, the more people you know, the more events you go to, and the more conversations you have actually stops you from thinking, contemplating. But without those things in your life, you wouldn’t have much to think about either, so it’s a double-edge sword really. Confused? Go figure.

Siti oh Siti

Siti, siti. Malaysia’s no.1 sweetheart is in the front page of the newspapers the past week or so. The hate mail incident, which started off quietly, suddenly became the hottest news in town when Cik Siti’s police report was reported in the news media. There’s also the presumption that somehow the hate-mail writer/conspirator is the same person who has threatened some members of the press. Cue the overexposed sensationalism that has become the norm in our news-deprived society. We are so desperate for worthy news, news that interests us, till we are ready to accept entertainment news as FRONT-PAGE material. But can you blame the mainstream press to be so entertainment oriented? There’s hardly news worthy, at least those APPROVED by the relevant ministry, to be front page. That’s why the Noritta case became a part of the media circus. One aspect which I need to point out is our newspapers’ lack of investigative journalism. Unlike the Washington Post, or The Sun (to name but a few), the presses here don’t actually investigate. Or if they do, it has always been butter-and-bread stuffs like old-folks home lacking necessities. The Malay Mail and smaller newspaper engages in such journalistic endeavor, yet its concern is too miniscule, its range of topic too localized for it to ever have a lasting impression on the public. But having said all this, on reflection, I prefer us to have no news than bad news all the time. Don’t you agree?

Chunkiest teen talent on planet earth

Yes, yes. Rooney was excellent. In fact, he was magnificent. No words can describe what I felt when I watch United’s game against Fenerbahce. It was simply too surreal. Rooney looked chunky, as he always is, and the petulant tear on his shirt-collar makes me wonder if we have too many time-bombs in the squad (Smithy being the other obvious candidate). Yet, the way he took the first goal after controlling the perfectly weighted through ball by Ruud exudes confidence that this boy has got it made. By the time he bamboozled a defender and struck a well-placed grounder for his second, I smiled to myself and self-mockingly said “What a waste of money…”. And this being a fairytale and all, Rooney made it 4 for United and 3 for himself when he curled in a wonderful free-kick from the edge of the area (but prior to that there appears to be a gang war over who wanted to take the free-kick: it’s a funny sight really). Ruud’s goal was also equally well-taken, three touches to set himself up and coolly dispatching it with aplomb. He worked hard, obvious envious of the remarkable Rooney story. It’s okay, it’s healthy competition. Another notable mention is Gabri Heinze, who has impressed me since he started playing a few games back. He had another solid game at the left and deserved the rapturous ovation from the OT faitful. But the biggest cheer at the end is for Rooney. He is pure class. You cannot train class, it’s born in you. You can train to be good, like Beckham (before he fucked up all the chicks), but the Ronaldinhos and Maradonas of this world always had that something extra all footballers crave for- that gift from God. And I believe Wayne Rooney has that gift.

Essential listening : Eva Cassidy - Songbird, Usher and A.Keys - My Boo

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