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Written on 12/14/2004 01:52:00 am by sikapitan

It’s weird. At the very moment I thought writing would ease my frustration, I find myself utterly lost in front of the monitor. I’ve been trying to write something, ANYTHING (and regular readers would attest that I’m never short of things to say), I experience what has been called a writer’s block. In my case, it seems more like a 10 storey high titanium clad steel wall. Certain events in the past few weeks have somehow distracted my mind from my own self-identity. I’ve become less insightful in every sense of the word; preferring the simplistic approach to problem-solving rather than looking at it from a sociological standpoint, watching movies without actually dissecting it like I usually do and generally moving backwards when it comes to improving my vocabulary. However, today I aim to start back on a fresh note, and though I do believe that no one’s reading this site anymore, I sincerely hope the outpourings of my radically multidimensional way of thinking would somehow save me from being an emotional wreck.

One of the most endearing features of our merry celebration known to many as Hari Raya and to some as Hari Kaya (to the kids especially, though at 21 I still get my odd money-packets from relatives;) is the phenomena known as ‘Open House’. Now for those unfamiliar with the concept of Open House, it does not entail physically dismantling the house or opening any particular form of clothing, but is a gathering of friends, relatives and even strangers ranging from the mini Open House to the opulently grand ‘Rumah Terbuka Datuk’ kind. Whatever the size, the purpose of Open Houses has always been to treat our friends and relatives to whatever culinary delights we desire, which could sometimes just be ketupat and kuih raya, in the hope that they would walk away remembering us and saying nice things about us. I see it as a sign of insecurity, where the thought of ending up alone without friends is more frightening than death itself. So we conjure up massive feasts in the hope that when we are old and on the death bed, there’ll be someone else other than that pleasant, but in truth very unattractive, nurse by our side. Trust me to equate Open Houses with death. I’m that messed up.

This year I’ve finally decided to go with the flow, and join in any Open Houses on offer, even if it wasn’t offered to me. You see, one of the best things about being young and carefree is the ability to be as thick-faced as you could be. I and my friends crashed one in PJ, not realizing that anywhere you go in this world there’s bound to be someone who knows you. So my raid of a truly wonderful quaint house (special mention to the sporting hostess who was kind enough to even allow us to catch a football match on her telly) didn’t go unnoticed here in Subang where everyone knows someone that knows everyone. It’s amazing how the world truly is as connected as Friendster. My point is this, unless you’re rude, obnoxious, ugly as an ox with personal hygiene like one to boot, you’re more likely to be welcomed to anyone’s house than to be turned away.

The young male species generally arrive at open houses with a perverted sense of anticipation that they would meet a lovely, stunningly gorgeous girl. At least that’s what I usually hoped for and though I do know of people who go about claiming it’s all about the food, I noticed that none of my friends really get on with the food at open houses, unless the trips to the buffet line coincide with the appearance of some cute girl. Be honest to yourself and you’re more likely to be happy. What’s amazing is that the male truly believe that sitting around talking with their friends would somehow entice any girl to come up and say hello to them. Hello, you’ve got to make the effort. Like the line in The Girl Next Door, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”. I hate it when they go all bonkers the next day asking me who that girl was and how to meet up and stuffs. Do your own dirty work mates, I’ve got my own to clean up.

Ahh…I believe I’ve hit form again. And though that generally means more awkward sentences and weird logic in the next few weeks, I really hope you guys can dig me again. Or you could just dig a hole for me. Go figure.

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