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Written on 8/29/2004 04:17:00 am by sikapitan

It’s close to 4 a.m on a Sunday morning, and I’m knackered after exerting myself a bit too much today, having two sessions of futsal in a space of 4 hours. Don’t fret, dear readers, for this is not going to be about futsal or how I enjoy the game but more on a social situation that manifest itself during the afternoon session.

There we were my team and I, waiting out turn to play, when suddenly I heard loud singing from one of my mates who then started making weird noises. Thinking that he had contracted some form of Bird Flu, I looked around to find someplace else to sit. Alas, my wayward gaze landed on a member of the opposite sex making her way back from class behind our seats. I heard the weird noises again, mixed in with “Dik baru balik” “Senyum la sikit jangan muka masam” etc2. Obviously, the girl just walked past us. That isn’t the sad part, though it’s pretty pathetic in my humble opinion. The lads then had a good laugh about it. If being a bunch of cat-calling lame-ass morons isn’t sad enough, they had the gall to be proud of what they did. They’re good boys, for sure, but sometimes I just cringe when I see some of the things they do in the name of fun. It’s degrading not only for myself, but also for other guys who can’t be bothered with disturbing other girls and more seriously, for all Malay men. It’s pretty depressing to hear what some of my friends from other races think about the typical Malay man. Bawak motor, kacau pompuan, rock kapak, mullet, and fake levi’s from Golok (though I must say they look pretty authentic). Look, here’s a tip. Girls don’t fall for those lame-ass tricks, and if they do, they’re probably not worth it. Get your act together; you don’t like other guys disturbing your sister like that now do you? Is it any wonder it’s hard to get an Amoi for a date? (Just joking dear, or friends of my dear, or anyone who just want to spoil my relationship with my dear:)

And what is it with guys and their obsession to talk about the opposite sex’s body parts? Let’s not go into details, but I assure you ladies that we’ve got some pretty sick people in our midst. Even the normally reserved young man would perk up (isn’t that an ironic choice of word) when a voluptuous female walk by. That is in their nature, and nothing said or done will ever change that. But why must they spoil the serenity of appreciating God’s creation by saying what everyone else in the room already realizes. Yea, she’s hot. That’s far enough for me. No need to go into details as to how her…never mind. But this is not a criticism to them, more like a commentary on modern men. Could it be our men react this way after being bombarded by sexual images everyday while still living in the “beautiful on the surface” Asian culture and society? Could it be that the reckless use of female and their body parts to sell products or the various shows depicting women being “comfortable” with as few clothes as possible have degraded their kind as merely an object of desire rather than a living being? Go figure.

Cinta Collateral
I waited in anticipation for this movie to come out. I skipped the normally long opening day and weekend queue, preferring the calmness of Monday evening to catch the show. The story takes place one night in Los Angeles, when a cab driver, Max (Jamie Foxx), by a stroke of luck (or misfortune, depending on how you view it) picks up Vincent, a seemingly inconspicuous businessman who is on a whirlwind business trip. However, by a freak coincidence, Max discovers that Vincent really is a killer when the person he killed drops down the window and landed straight on Max’s cab. So begin the terrifying ride through various locations housing Vincent’s targets.

What one notices at first is the mixed-up camera work employed by Michael Mann. Most of the time the shot’s controlled and straight-forward, but it’ll suddenly turn all gritty and shaky (NYPD Blue style) when there’s rising tension. The script is also noteworthy, simply because of some memorable lines, especially by Vincent. Guys looking for an action-packed rampage with bodies flying in the hundreds and massive explosions will be disappointed. This is not your typical Mission Impossible trip. The sub message being said by the film deserves notice. The tension is gripping without being overbearing. The acting has got to be commended, simply because of the main actors taking on roles unfamiliar to them and reveling in it. Foxx is good as the confused, lost black man who’s trying to make it in the world but too afraid to make the next move. Normally associated with smart one-liners and smug arrogance, he managed to play down the brashness and instead appear humble and lacking self-esteem. However, the biggest surprise to me was Cruise’s Vincent. Tom Cruise is not averse to playing bad guys, but in this movie he takes it to the next level. He’s got to be one of the machoest bad guys ever seen. And the steely eyed gaze, clenched jaw, cold, calculating demeanor works for Vincent. However, like all action flick, it suffers from a rushing storyline, holes in the plotline and typically, unrealistic elements, though it managed to stay away from the hero flying in the air. It’s worth my 9 ringgit. Have been watching some great movies this past month, so don’t disappoint me Puteri Gunung Ledang (anything with Dian surely can't dissapoint me, can it?)

I know it’s a bit outdated, but guys and girls, if you don’t have Coldplay’s Parachutes, go kill yourself (though I do believe that if you have it you’re more probably prone to suicide- lagu nak bunuh diri la katakan). Excellent soundscape, and makes A Rush Of Blood To The Head even better because you can see the musicology they’re trying to achieve. Oh yeah, go check out Dry Your Eyes Mate by the Streets- Brits answer to Eminem though he’s less serious and has that all important British witty lines. Au revoir

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