“Aren’t you…..” (muka berkerut, narrowing of eyes- pretending to remember)


Written on 8/09/2004 03:53:00 pm by sikapitan

I was at THE reunion yesterday. It was confusing at first because I really didn’t recognize anyone and it’s safe to say nobody recognized me either, I think. At first I was a bit disappointed that not many from my class was there, but then I realized that if the place’s brimming with ex-PRIMARY-schoolmate, I would experience sensory-overload and crash my already overworked brain. I’ve got some feedback from my last entry, especially from the ladies, who are pretty much critical about the physical aspect of reunion. I couldn’t help but notice that some of the ladies (actually all laa) went to all the trouble of getting dressed-up or dressed-down (it’s an effort to be casually good I tell you).

As the event wore on, I started recognizing faces. What’s amazing is that I don’t remember their names but I can remember exactly how they look like 9 years ago (has it been THAT long?). I remember you, over there, who showed your fancy ninja turtle moves when we were in standard 3 and you, over there, who played ‘conquer’ with me in class. I’m really sorry to those that I can’t really place their name, and I know that I’m not the only one with this problem. I’m sure most of you don’t remember mine as well. So what do I get from going? Forget about meeting girls (half the guys are there for that reason and that reason only- hehe..wa tau sapa lu orang:P), my gf’s friend was there with me as my chaperone:P (so does that mean if she wasn’t there I would have….no laaaa..just kidding). Nor did I manage to learn anything new about anyone, or get some business contacts, or discovered that I actually have a half-cousin from Kelantan. My stomach wasn’t filled, in case you’re wondering, and I didn’t manage to win anything. So what did I get? A reminder that life’s unpredictable, that you never know who you’ll be and be with. A flashback to innocent days, where we can dress how we want, talk how we want and fart all we want. So kudos to seedake and the whole bunch that made this possible. I respect the effort and dedication to making this come true. I simply wouldn’t have bothered.

Why the long wait?
Yeap, it’s been a while ladies and gentleman. It’s been so long that I guess no one’s bothered to drop by. No problem, it’s my bad. I’ve been stuck in ISO hell for the past one and a half weeks. Huh? Well, apparently, in an attempt to be some ISO compliant, my faculty must submit mid-term reports and assessment (meaning tests and assignments) before a certain date. What this means to me is that a week before holidays I’m stuck with a shitload of work. Last week was the worst, with 4 tests and 2 assignments all due in the same week, and being a procrastinator, I’ve managed to cram everything up my ass at the very last moment. I managed of course, but at the expense of my social life, which isn’t much to begin with but exist nonetheless. Already short-tempered in nature, I was ready to bite the head off anyone who dares to enter “the zone”. Sorry if I pissed off anyone- but they don’t read this blog anyway so why bother, right?

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