Olympics and Anuar Zain


Written on 8/12/2004 01:59:00 am by sikapitan

The Olympics is just a few days away (minus the football prelims) and I’ve been bombarded with ads about the spirit of Olympics by such luminaries like Nelson Mandela and Christopher Reeves, people who have really endured suffering. But they’ve got to spoil the whole dignity of the ad campaign by putting in Avril Lavigne. The only suffering she’s gone through is wondering whether her next single would be a hit or at worse, if her pimple would be gone before that all important performance. I know they’re trying to connect with the younger generation, but it’s just incomprehensible how they equate Skatergirl with the man who freed S. Africa from apartheid or a modern-day icon who have to go through living his life in a wheelchair. She’s not even athletic, unless you consider pretending to skate to be a sport.

And talking about trying to spice up something boring, RtM has just gone through some changes to make it more hip and happening. I think I’ve written something to the effect that RtM has become irrelevant, so I guess somewhere there must have read it (kononnya) and has decided to do something about it. Or it could just be that the “new” people in the “body-that-control-Rtm” like young pretty things. In any case, this is something that should have been done years ago. I’m not saying that they should use only pretty girls as newscasters. I’ve seen their 8 o’clock news program and it still sucks. There seems to be something quaint and antique about the way RtM goes about its work. They seemed stuck in the 1980’s where the phrase digital sounds as foreign as some Yiddish word. Don’t just change the people, change the way you work. As long as its government sponsored, there won’t be any initiative to get away from the 5 coffee breaks a day attitude.

Oh yeah…as my regular readers and friends know, I’ve been staying up late a lot lately, and thankfully I’ve had the pleasure of being accompanied by some great music. I know this isn’t your typical male thing to admit, but there’s a song here that I really like. I don’t know why, it’s not the lyrics but the whole damn thing. It’s infectious I tell you. Screw you Joe for introducing me to Anuar Zain (just kidding).

Kembalilah Kekasih
Sendirian ku di halaman, bulan dan bintang menyaksikan
Perpisahan dua insan tiada rela
Diabadikan bunga merah, menjadi lambing perpisahan
Percintaan dua insan tiada tara

Kini hilang di pandangan, jernih berkaca
Sayu kedengaran, suaramu

It’s quite a struggle to write this in Words because it keeps changing insan to insane.
The thing that I like the most is his delivery. Usually he goes all over the place with that vibrato of his, but this time he’s pretty subdued. Download la kalau hangpa jiwang cam gua. Au revoir.

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