Written on 7/28/2004 11:45:00 pm by sikapitan

Argh...what is it with reunions that cause me to shrivel in fear and yet subconciously excited? I recently received a call from an old PRIMARY (yes, the period where suria perkasa hitam is cool and shitting in your pants is the norm) schoolmate (sorry dude, but I can't remember who the heck are you- maybe when we meet ya?) telling me that he and a few other guys are planning to hold a reunion of Sri Subang Jaya batch of '94 or was it '95 (std. 6 la kan). At first all I wanted to do was to just ignore the whole program and lay low like I always do.

SoMeTiMeS I feel that reunions serves no better purpose than to remind us of how we suck at football or how we were fat. Hey, that ain't so bad. At least it's better than someone saying "la dulu kurus keding..sekarang dah berapa bulan ngandung". And what about former gf and crushes? Fortunately (or unfortunately) I'll never face that problem in a primary school reunion. I was busy playing kejar-kejar and fantasizing being a ninja to ever be bothered with such matters. But I know of people who do. Thankfully, most will probably forget why they ever got involve in such relationship in the first place. Let's not forget the old arch enemy. The guy who stole your lunch money, or YOU stole from him. It'll be awkward to smile and pretend to be nice to each other when your impression of him/her is still stuck circa '95. Finally, I really hate reunions (or meeting anyone from the past for that matter) because I'm really bad at remembering names. I can remember the faces of the students in my kindergarten, but I'm still having problem remembering the names of my current coursemates, let alone those from primary school.

So you might assume from the above that I'm about to ditch the whole idea of meeting these people. Wrong. Despite my obvious discomfort at being in a room full of strangers pretending NOT to be strangers, I kind of find it exciting. Maybe there's one or two ugly duckling syndrome (typical male thoughts). More importantly, I had some great moments in primary school with some great friends, but I've lost contact with many of them. Maybe when we meet we'll no longer be as jovial and carefree and relaxed with each other but there's always a chance that we still have that spark, that glint in the eye that will stir me up from the slumber I'm in right now. Or perhaps even business opportunity or just some more footballing buddies.

However I sincerely doubt that I'll be that lucky. Most probably I'll be holding a glass of coke in my hand while listening to that annoying S.O.B from the next class talking endlessly about how cool his London pad is and how they have summer breaks to enjoy sightseeing Portugal and such. I'll be cursing under a fake smile as wide as the equator. Au revoir.

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