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Written on 7/17/2004 11:54:00 pm by sikapitan

It’s been an interesting, though not in the happy sense, week in terms of news and events. The Datuk Norjan murder trial is getting weirder and weirder, what with “massaging” private parts and missing condoms getting centre stage. What’s weird is the fact that these revelations did not get on the main page. Perhaps the thought of the deceased (no disrespect intended) or any other party in this weird “ménage a trois” engaged in any act remotely sexual doesn’t turn people on as the more attractive and glamorous Noritta does. Pity, because it just goes to show that you shouldn’t really judge a book by its cover. Wearing a headscarf doesn’t really make you a better person. Ah, I can hear the girls in the tube tops and hot pants chanting my name. Before you guys think that I’m a supporter of the “let’s-not-wear-tudung” gang, I would like to state that in my opinion, it’s better to AT LEAST do something right, to the best of your ability, even if you’re not perfect (go figure). Interesting question: two girls, of equal standing, one wearing tudung while the other’s not, are holding their boyfriends’ hands. Is it better to be hypocritical or is it better to just don’t do anything at all?
By the way, I don’t know if I’m missing something here (maybe one of those days where I forgot to read the news or watch tv) but have the police arrested anyone yet in connection to the murder of Darren Kang? I know they have detained some but please enlighten me as to why it seems like the case is heading towards the “memory lane”.
If you guys want some real hardcore election, then forget the General Election and instead focus on the real deal: UMNO. Unlike our General Election which is governed by the EC, party elections are by far and large governed by internal mechanism thus there’s a lot more jostling and politicking. Sometimes it appears that the democracy within UMNO itself is more apparent than in our General Election.
On a more personal note: Today was a very tiring day for me. Heck, this whole week has been pretty hectic. Football practices, fortunately or unfortunately, has been cancelled for the past few days as the rainy spell continues unabated. In the middle of it all, my friend asked me to join him in performing during some party. What’s worse was the fact that I only found out about it on Wednesday while the party was on Friday. As it was last minute, we decided to just use a solo guitarist and the two of us would sing. So I just chose a song that both me and my guitarist can play and practiced the night before the function. When the day arrived, we were shocked when our guitarist said he couldn’t play as he was in mourning over the death of somebody close to him. We understood, and I resigned myself to just enjoying the rest of the show with my mates. Out of the blue, we found another guitarist who could play my song. I should’ve known better than to perform like this. I sucked big time. Well, tough luck. Then there was the Inter-Faculty Sports Meet and I have given up hope of even being in the squad of 16, never mind the starting eleven. But this morning, for our first game against Computer Science, I was surprised yet again when I started as a right-back. Unfortunately, just like my singing the day before, I sucked big time. The lack of experience in playing in a big field, for a big team, in a big tournament clearly showed as I misplaced simple passes and positioned myself all wrong. Heck, I’m lucky if he even puts me in the subs bench for Sunday’s game (today I guess).
To summarize, it’s been an eventful, yet flawed week for me. Au revoir.

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