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Written on 7/11/2004 11:19:00 pm by sikapitan

Sorry boys and girls..it's been a struggle since the last entry to find time, and to get the comp up and running again so i can update the blog. By now, i bet no one's visiting this site..sorry for not at least informing you guys of the situation.So many things happening all over the world and at home to talk about.

Uncle Don King
Ahh..certainly the murder of Darren caused plenty of unease amongst Malaysians, especially urban folks.The thought that one could get beaten to death in the open at a popular hangout would have sent shivers down the spine of all mothers of teenagers living in the Klang Valley.

"Ma,mi gi main bola ni ar..kul 12 habis..."
"Nanti gaduh."And that was that.Leceh betul.Like when stories of teen drivers killed in horrific car crashes flood the front pages of our local dailies, my mom would stop me from driving at night..etc2..leceh!

If only she knew of the time when every dinnertime was spent eating at Uncle Don and every supper was nasi lemak spicy (now no longer there i heard).When i was 'porting' in KJ with my fren, his cousin used to bring us to Hartamas almost everyday to meet all sorts of ppl.

Families still go there,but the loud booming music from the deafening speakers made it impossible for them to enjoy their food.And talking about food, the food at UD has, at least in my opinion, shrunk in terms of portion and quality.
So why do we kids go there?
My theory: First, the place was filled with yuppies and rich ppl wanting some quality mamak style flavour but in a cooler, more exclusive environment. They then bring along their gf, which most of the time are pretty attractive. This then led to cool dudes (u know,guys in tight tees,scruffy hair,rock star look which girls adore) frequenting the place to catch a bit of action. Girls who want to attract these cool dudes then flood the place, creating a domino effect. Guys hear stories about the place being filled with hotchicks,so they go there in droves.Suddenly, the place is packed every nite till the early hours.The rempits start coming, the girls start getting annoyed and leaving etc2. I gave up a long time ago, preferring the quiter ambience of Spicy just a stone's throw away from UD. Plus, the nasi lemak ayam there boleh layan la. Then they start opening clubs and some foodcourt shit,and the place just became too messy. The last time I was in Hartamas was mid-last year. Too many wannabes i guess.

Back to Darren and the beatings.Maybe I'm being crazy and all that, but i really believe that if you really care for the safety of any girl, don't bring them out after midnight and especially to places like Hartamas (or any other hi-profile places la..u know what i mean). You're just attracting attention, and attention is a dangerous thing in this world today. I've had my experiences of being starecocked at and starecocking (if such words exist,it is merely colloquial)so i advise you folks to just stay at home la kan? We Malaysians, especially the guys, are a 'jakun' lot. We like to stare at girls, especially if they're dressed sexily.

The evolution in fashion has outpaced the evolution of the mind of the typical Malaysian men.We still find the merest hint of thigh attractive, what more of spaghetti straps etc2.The girls may want to look like 'maksalleh' but they don't realize that the guys are not thinking like maksalleh. So if you can't stand ppl staring at your gf, just chill at home and go on dates during the day, and don't go looking for trouble.We don't know how far did the guys go into provoking Darren, and whether Darren really is as innocent as he's portrayed by the media.Some guys are just too hot-tempered, especially when it comes to their gf.Whatever it is, it is still inexcusable that the fight went on to the extent of serious bodily injury. What were the other patrons doing? But then, if i was there, i would have just kept quiet and watched the free show. Call it apathy, call it lack of moral conscience, but when you're questioned for six hours by the police just for bringing an injured guy to a hospital, it just proves the old maxim that nice guys finish last.

Greet the greeks (huh?)

Yeah well, what an anticlimax. After brilliant displays of attacking football and technical skills by most teams throughout the tournament, the team with the most fundamental of tactics won.Get a solid sweeper and agile stopper, put in athletic man markers in midfield and packed up the centre of the goal when defending, and you've got yourself something similar to Otto's team. Credit where it's due, i respect Otto for recognising that there's more to modern football tactics than just placing players in where you think they play best (hint hint to messr sven). There must be a deep understanding of your opponents but more importantly, your own abilities.Unfortunately, i hope that teams don't stop playing attacking football just because of such freak result. It must be noted that 3 out of 4 semifinalists plays attacking football (Czech,Portuguese and Dutch). Imagine if the Dutch side plays like Greece. They'll be unbeatable sure, but whether they can beat anyone..that's another story now isn't it?

i TOLD you so

Hahh...misslopez...kakjas...told u guys that kaer's soft..tak caya..told you he got a limited vocal range..tak caya..told you he shouldn't win..tak caya..told you he cheated in the previous concert..tak caya...so who's right now????????? Last week's concert he showed his soft side through that incriminating footage when he was a kid and this week he just showed you that his vocal range is about one octave (or something like that..).Trust me when it comes to akademi fantasia. Kekeke. And what about Mas? What did i say about this early favourite? Limited ability, bad attitude, lucky to have two kids to play as an angle for sympathy (mean but honestly truthful).Proven? Definitely. Murdered Kylie's Can'TgETyOUoUtOfMyHeAD. And linda..oh linda...what a pity. No self-confidence in her own ability..not truly focused on the task at hand. Who's my favourite from week one? Zahid. And where is he now? At the top of the chart. I told you so...

Thanks for the support and encouragement. Missing you guys. Neways, all apologies for any grammatical error (mesti ada nyer). It's been a while. Need to get my groove back.

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