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Written on 6/26/2004 11:31:00 am by sikapitan

It rained yesterday here in USJ.The mildest drops of liquid from the sky,smack in the middle of friday prayers.It was a short affair,lasting no more than five minutes,but the more pressing matter is the quality of the raindrops falling on our heads.Just looking at my car after the "attack" was enough to convince me that we shouldn't dance in the rain just yet. The haze situation enveloping our nation has made the air quality so bad that the merest raindrop carries with it countless dirt particles.My car, which was in "pristine" condition (kkkeke..bukan saya cuci pun),turned into a "contractor's car" (you know..all dirt and stuff). What's more alarming is the thickness of the dried dirt on the car's surface.Imagine it drying up in our hair,seeping through our skin.What's worse is the fact that we can't predict it's going to rain or not because the sky's hazy all day long.

It would be helpful if we know what our Air Pollution Index is like.The Air Pollution Index is an international standard to measure air quality, with 0 being the healthiest and above 300 being "you're better of smoking". Oh wait, our API is part of classified documents covered by the Official Secrets Act now isn't it? Now why would they want to classify that? Go figure, but I wouldn't hang out at Coffee Bean too much if I were you.

Euro drama

After the hotly-contested and very very entertaining Quarter-final encounter between England and Portugal yesterday (see previous entry for some emotional,poyo account of the match), today's match appears sombre in contrast.If yesterday's match was Jessica Simpson, France v. Greece was Lisa Simpson. It got so boring that I slept after 10 minutes.Actually I was dead beat tired after a heavy dinner with the staffs and some karaoke after that. All I know about the game was that France, the reigning champion,has bowed out of the competition. One solitary goal by the Greeks were enough to dispose of the pre-tournament favourite. I've always said that in modern football, tactical intelligence,hard-work and a high-fitness level can stifle the most creative of endeavours.

And what's with TV3 and their QUATER-FINAL. Where's the R? If a famous national TV station can make such simple mistake, is it any wonder that we have people spelling Necklace as Neckless?

Akademi Fantasia

Haha..yesterday Kaer was reprimanded by Ramli M.S for bringing too much RnB feel into an a-go-go song.I smelled that he was a one-trick pony from the very first concert (Read the review in entry entitled Heaven In TVland). The second concert (for which I didn't have time to really write a review), where he sang Zainal's Ikhlas Tapi Jauh, again saw him slithering his way out of the high-pitch required in the chorus but nobody noticed it because of his wonderful tone. I like his voice, it has a very urban quality about it, and his whole package is saleable. But he can't keep on turning every sound around to suit his voice, for that would mean that there'll be no improvement. Don't compare him with Vince. Vince made every song his,yes, but at the same time the melody was never lost. I just hope that sooner rather later, everyone can take out the blinds covering their eyes (or more accurately, the cotton buds out of their eardrums) and recognize Kaer for what he really is - a nice,sensitive,spoilt,formerly soft (i have a theory about that) guy with wonderful tone BUT limited range. I really want him to do well, because of the simple fact that Malaysia don't need another soapy balladist in the mould of the oh-so-sickening Khai. He needs to be brave enough to tackle the notes. Oh yeah, could somebody just smack the annoying Anding out of the house.

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