Hazy Days are Here Again!


Written on 6/22/2004 01:13:00 pm by sikapitan

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Hazy Days...Thursday Friday Hazy Days...Saturday Sunday Hazy Days..oh what a way, to start my day, sucking it with you! These days are daa daa daa darrkkk..OH HAZY DAYS..these days are daaa daa daa daaarrkkk (sung to the tune of Happy Days from the show..HAPPY DAYS LAAA!)

Yea well,that is the perfect example of why i'm still stuck at home writing lyrics in a blog instead of a studio writing a hit for Siti.iT SUCKS, but so do this current haze situation enveloping Kuala Lumpur.

I'm sorry for not updating the blog for quite some time, although i know that most of my readers are probably busy with the start of the new semester. I was busy the past weekend, spending 3 days at Genting for my company's convention. Even missed out on football (too tired) and Akademi Fantasia (heard it was great).

I got back yesterday morning and was shocked to find the mist at the top of Genting following me down to KL! No, seriously, I didn't think much of it at first because I was used to seeing "kabus" at Genting every day. But as soon as I rolled down my car window to pay the toll, the unmistakable smell of fumes and smoke filled my lungs. Oh,not again!

We had this major haze problem a few years back, and the pharmacies' made a killing selling face mask. I remember one kid coming to school with those military type of gas-mask, and if this current spell continues it wouldn't be long before you start having trouble recognizing people in the street (because they're all wearing face mask)! Girls with moustache can breath a sigh of relief (yea, i'm pretty mean). So do bank robbers or any other crook for that matter.

Only when we're faced with thousands of masked men and women that we appreciate the power of facial expressions. It's hard to judge what another person is thinking if we can't see his face. Can we sue the Indon government for this crime against mother nature?

On a more personal note,I've started my new sem in UiTM in typical fashion- i skipped my first class on the first day and i promise this won't be the last time. See, I don't really enjoy lectures that much because I can't see the board without contacts and I find the monotous drone of lectures to be utterly boring. I skipped one too many classes every sem, and last sem i got into trouble with one lecturer. I can be naive and say that "this is not high-school, you cannot force us to go..." but there's a reason for taking down attendance. I accept that fact. I know it's wrong to skip class, and it could be detrimental to my education future. But that's the forbidden fruit for me and you know what they say about forbidden fruit- The more you can't get it, the more you want it.

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