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Written on 6/17/2004 09:10:00 pm by sikapitan

Or should I insist on the U (for university) part. tODAY is the registration day for the new semester and typically, it wasn't smooth sailing.

First of all,the place was jam-packed with cars from States all over Malaysia. Typical of the Admin to lump in everything over the course of a few days when in fact we've had 3 months of holidays and that the NS trainees were gone weeks ago. Can't they like register us 5 days earlier and avoid the hassle of traffic jams? And if you've never been to UiTM, you cannot imagine the difficulties of a jam INSIDE ITM. ITm was founded eons ago, when dinosaurs still exist (hahah), on some mountain. Now, perhaps the builders were thinking of some nice green pasture with beautiful flora and fauna for us to study in, but they never thought that by the time their children goes to itm, they'll be driving cars. The problem lies in the fact that the road system in ITM cannot be expanded like other universities located on flatlands. Nowadays, there are more (lots more) student driving than lecturers. The rate of wealth accumulation by Malays are not proportionate to the rate of development in ITM. Simply put, we cannot cope with the number of vehicles in ITM. I was lucky in that I arrived earlier than the others (earlier than i imagined-subang was relatively jam free at 9). But on the way out, the picture was less than rosy. An old Datsun broke down by the side of the main road in ITM, turning it into a single lane. Now, if being in a jam isn't bad enough, you've got to imagine being in a jam ON a hill.Thank god for automatic transmission:P

Furthermore, what's the point of online registration if you've still got to go and queue up for someone's signature? Fine, if there's a need to check, I understand. But the point of online registration is to allow the students to register WITHOUT going to register, geddit? Basically, the online registration was only to confirm that you're still in the Uni. But on the bright sight, the Q was much shorter and it wasn't as bad as last sem, where the Admin made a mockery out of the whole concept of pre-registration.

Movie Review: Honey
Hey, start of a new sem means I get to see my gf! So we did the typical thing and went to catch a movie at OU.

wHY do people react differently when you shop with your gf? They don't stare as much, which makes it easier for me to pick out clothes. When I'm out with my mates,I try to avoid getting anything or if I do I would rush simply because it's weird to ask your guy mate to wait in front of the fitting room. Hey, i'm homophobic.

Oh,we decided to watch Honey. Actually, I persuaded her to watch it, saying that Riddick and Punisher would be too violentwhen in fact I wanted to see it for one reason and one reason only- Jessica Alba.

To sum up the movie - the longest video clip ever. The whole movie's about hiphop dancing and phat beats. Thankfully I enjoy hiphop and dance, so it wasn't much of a bore.But the storyline's mediocre, more suited to Hallmark than HBO. But it's got a great soundtrack though, and the choreography is pretty tight.

At the end of it all,there's only one reason and one reason only to catch this movie - Jessica Alba. She's superchun.Enuff said.

Au ReVoir

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