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Written on 6/05/2004 11:59:00 pm by sikapitan

It's been a while since i write just for the sake of rambling about nothing. The past few weeks, even months have been filled with issues and reviews and seriousness that i simply forget to just have fun with my blog. True, i've always tried to be humourous or witty (TRIED..whether i failed or not is up to you) in my writing, but the issues have been pretty serious, with the exceptions of movie reviews and such. So today's entry will be as non-serious as possible, but knowing me, i'll probably be serious in something anyway.

What a stupid ad..

Have you guys seen this ad where Hetty Sarlene (local artiste-don't ask me how i know.suffice to say that my house's not short of Mangga,URTV or MediaHiburan) and this maksalleh chick started talking about this face powder. The one thing that they highlighted during the ad was the fact that this one has MIRRORS with it!Look, i'm no girl, but i know for a fact that ladies had portable vanity mirrors in their purse long before i was born. So what gives??? And does using the maksalleh in the ad suppose to make ladies want to buy this bullshit product? Tell me some other stupid ads that you think should be in the never-been-made dustbin. I'm sure there's plenty here in TVland.

Pageant pigeon

Did you guys catch the missuniverse show? Surprise surprise, Australia won. I was rooting for Paraguay, but it's quite obvious that she's lacking a bit up there. Each of the five finalist were suppose to write questions for each other and missParaguay not only failed to answer hers well, she asked her competition three words to describe themselve! And what about poor old Malaysia? The only time Malaysians will ever be in the top three is if we do it in another Berjaya resort (like when Lina Teoh got in-for god's sake,she's got baggy eyes!). I'm sorry to say but the state of our contestants is laughable. Yes, they're not bad-looking, but my aunt ain't bad-looking herself and i'm not saying she should be MissAnything! My point is this..it's just embarassing to us if we keep on sending people that don't reflect the fact that we Malaysians can be as pretty as anyone else in this world.Yeah yeah, you guys will say that it's because the government ban Malays from entering, and i agree with the contention that some Malays are really world-beaters when it comes to looks, but so are the Chinese!I've seen prettier Chinese girls in Giant than last year's winner!Malaysia has beautiful Malays,Chinese,Indians,Eurasians etcs.Don't believe me? Just go to any mall during the weekends.I'll bet you'll find someone more attractive than the ones they keep on sending every year.They should be getting the top of the crop.No matter what race you are i'm sure there's someone pretty enough to win something.

Akademi Fantasia

It seems like someone from Astro read my blog (hey,i can wish can i?). This year's contestants for Malaysia's premier (forget the copycat Audition) talent competition-Akademi Fantasia- has 8 people from the Borneo (i think). Remember when i wrote that if there's no talent in Melaka then there shouldn't be one from Melaka? I didn't know it would get this far. It's a monopoly of Borneos out there....i don't know how the Peninsular Folks would react to this. Would the viewership be affected?

And what about the new place? It looks more like a studio than a house. Success is a double-edge sword. The second season brought with it sponsors for everything, from kitchen utensils to curtains. It's losing its street, hard-life feel. Now, it looks better than some 4 star hotels. Oh yeah, you guys should check out this motivator dude,some Dr. Mamak. He's really funny in the non-laughing way! He keeps on shouting and moving his hands like he has "sawan".

The good days are numbered

Oh yeah,some readers (but i doubt it) might notice that this entry's written at 12 midnight. What am i doing in front of the comp on a weekend night? BESIDES the fact that i'm pretty lacking in the social arena, the much-hyped about USJ11 free-futsal is slowly dying. MPsj have decided to limit the spotlight from 7.30pm till 11.30pm. So no more playing footie till 3-4am. It's probably our fault as well. Some of the guys, whom i cannot name for fear of being whacked (kidding), will pump up their stereos(indians and their hiphop,Chinese with their fengtau,Malays who drive go clubbing) or revved up their bike(here comes the Malay rempits) late into the night. Surely the neighbours would complain. That's the problem with most of our youths. They lack the civic concsiousness to do something right. It's already handed to them on a silver platter. A FREE futsal court,that you can play anytime you want,and they took it for granted. They left garbages strewn all over the pitch, they are noisy, they lack respect. But the problem is, where would this kids go now? To the clubs maybe, mamak, or to their gf's house.They would definitely NOT go back to their house. It took so much hard work for them just to sneak out,i tell you:) It's a social dilemma that the government need to address. . So go figure.


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