1/2 Ball to England!


Written on 6/12/2004 08:03:00 pm by sikapitan

Football's back in my mind with the Euro 2004 just hours away form kicking off with host Portugal entertaining the hardworking, tenacious Greeks. After weeks without any live football,the arrival of the European Chamipionship would surely be regarded as godsend to most red-blooded males.Employers should beware that productivity would suffer,wives should accept that they'll be sleeping alone for a month,and mamak stalls owner can put in the downpayment for a new Beemer.The Euro and World Cup are more than just some tournament. Its social repercussions are far-reaching.Dads sneaking out,not for karaoke and GROs,but for England and Owen. It's amazing that the machoest guys could be the most 'sissy-sounding' during football. "Gila,Zidane chun beb" "Wow,look at those feet" "I love England!" "Don't break my heart wei!" "Beautiful,just beautiful". Other than sex, football is the most talked-about conversation between guys (informal survey of...ermm..1 group..hehe).

Don't forget that the tournament also draws in its fair amount of non-football-loving but gambling addicted souls into the equation.Gambling is part and parcel of every society,and while most would certainly be wary of entering a casino,they are not that easily dismissive of betting on a sporting event.I'm not proud of this,but when i was in high-school i used to be a small-time bookie in my classroom.Not that many clients,but we're open and transparent.I made 50 bucks at the end of worldcup 98, which is easy money all the way.And that i guess is the main temptation of gambling.It provides you with the opportunity to realize your dream.

I always fantasized about suddenly being given a load of cash and it'll always remain a fantasy.But betting allows you to make that wish come true!I know someone, God save him,who's an avid bookie.And he makes around 10 to 20k per week, on a SLOW weekend.He doesn't bet, at least not that much, but the bookie fees that he gets is enough to maintain the lifestyle of the rich.I AM tempted.Don't ever try to rationalize with them.Remember: the fact that someone can earn 100k per week just by placing it right makes it harder for you to resist. Don't think too much about it,because then it'll suddenly seems okay.Common argument:This is not really gambling,because there's a fair amount of skill in picking teams. Don't delve on thiS.jUst say NO.Once you start, there's no stopping you,especially if you win on the first go.

Btw,i've always been an England guy since Euro 96, where Macca looks every bit the world class winger that he was (where is he now?-Man City!!!hahaha).But they'll have it rough with France in their group.Semis prediction:Portugal,France,Italy and one underdog..maybe Sweden.Hey, i got my WorldCup 2002 all wrong so don't place bets just based on my opinion!

Don't vote for BOB
aH..ANOTHER addictive tv show to coincide with the Euro; AKADEMI FANTASIA.haha..sometimes i'm a little bit embarassed at how enthusiastic i can be with this show.Thank god the timings are different from Euro games.

Just my opinion:What the heck are the guys up to?With the xception of Zahid, the rest are damn soft.And annoying!Especially fatty,softy,loud Bob.Oh yeah, can i vote OUT Dr.Syer Kawi.I just hate this whole motivation segment.Shouting out 'I CAN DO IT' and what nots is just plain ridiculous..and dangerous considering they should take care of their voice.

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