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Written on 6/07/2004 09:35:00 pm by sikapitan

No,sorry.I'm not going to "gossip" about my friends.At least,not today:)But along the way i might implicate certain people doing certain things that they don't want to be implicated with,so hopefully they don't get mad and end up implicated for my murder:)tOO complicated to be implicated?(HUH?-don't worry, sometimes my hands move faster than my brain). Today,i want to talk about the phenomenon known as FRIENDSTER (jeng jeng jeng)!

It all started when my little sis sent a friend's request through the mail (e not snail) early this year.bEING the rebel (konon) for all things happening,especially if my sis's involved in it,i wanted to just reject the damn thing.But she kept on persisting (exaggerate) that i joined this community. So i did, and at first she was my only friend. I didn't think much of it for a couple of days,but slowly i found my old "friends" and after a while i just can't stop looking for them.

Why do we search for old friends anyway?If they were really my friends they would have been on my phonebook or something, but they're not.So are theY REALLY friends?Or are they more like acquaintances?Seriously,sometimes i get friend's request from people that i've never spoken to in high-school, and i trust, will never ever speak to.So what gives?Is friendster merely a medium for us to assuage our fear of being lonely?Do we collect them (friends la) as a way of saying that we are not alone in this world and that we're popular?

Maybe i'm touching on some nerves here,but i've read testimonies for one of my ex-schoolmate, and it's not even close to what he really is.I've posted everything that's written about me,bad or good, but fortunately, everyone likes to play nice in friendster even though i know for sure some of them hate my guts.It's all sugary nice and sweet,but isn't it just a way to boost our self-confidence?Trust me,sometimes it's the prettiest people who craves for acknowledgement, so don't be surprise if you see people collecting testis and then showing it off to everyone (haha,that sounds weird,collecting testis..hahha).

Friendster also serves another,more sinister purpose, and that is for the buayas out there to meet girls.It's pretty pathetic i tell you.Guys would just write in to be friends with pretty gurls with the hope that one day they'll score.Hey,come to think of it,maybe it does work for other people.No,seriously.I'm looking at it from my P.O.V.It's hard for me to call someone chun,so the ones i say are chun most probably are too popular,or too busy,or already with someone to ever be bothered with this whole shenanigans.But i know of friends who have met others through friendster,old mates from school who have turned from ugly duckling to something else and they hit it off.Maybe it does make others happy..all the best then.But i do know that gurls sometimes get msgs that's perverse in nature,and i suspect that quite a number of them loves the attention.But beware of the fact that there's some real psychos out there.

If you guys don't know what friendster is...ehmm..what planet are you from?No lah...joking.But seriously,for me,friendster's just a way to promo my blog,so most of my readers know about this site from friendster.I try to only request from people that i know,or i'm supposed to know,or i know from someone i know and finally,i better know.
ERmmm,but if anyone here looks like ShuQi,Dian etc2...kekeek..stop it,i'm not single...
the mind of the married man sucks!

Au Revoir

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