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Written on 6/25/2004 12:38:00 pm by sikapitan

And so the quest has ended. The struggle against all bad and evil has perished in the cruelest way possible. The shining knights in white failed to summon up their spirit and were duly dispatched by an enemy stronger in character, more willing to attack. While the blood spilling on the field cannot be dismissed so easily, it is the plunge of the swords into the hearts of millions of dreamers that cannot be forgotten. We had a dream. A dream of glory and immortality. And for most of the battle that dream was still alive, thriving in fact. And when the enemy’s knight of all knights left the battlefield looking befuddled and weary, we were chanting our heroes, believing that perhaps finally, they may fight another battle and go on to lift the souls of their believers. But as so often the case with this nation, hindsight rather than foresight rules the battle plan. When the young warrior drew first blood so early in the battle, despite losing their most prized fighter so early in the game, there was hope of a massacre. However, the general, astute though he may be in bedding the fair ladies and double-dealing, cannot conjure up the necessary tactical know-how to seize on the moment.

Instead, the knights were forced against the wall, fending off waves after waves of attack. The enemy’s own prodigal son, the latest of a long line of skillful fighter, were suitably subdued by the pace and ferocity of the black knight manning the left flank. As the enemy moved in for the kill, the general thought it would be wise to pull their most gifted swordsman in place of a water carrier, thinking perhaps the best way to win is to defend. Another brave, strong-willed knight was withdrawn near the end of the battle. For those believers up in the hills looking down on the battle, it represents the most cowardly of act, and disastrous in nature. The impetus so long missing from the knights was now truly lost. It is inevitable that the attacks by the enemies would breach the mighty walls guarding the sacred ground behind a thin white line. And when it burst, the enemy had no less than 6 attackers surrounding our besieged heroes. The merest of swordplay cut the hearts of the believers so deep that they never recovered.

The momentum clearly on the enemy, they moved in for the kill. And it took an old enemy to show what it’s like to attack forcefully, shrugging off a weak resistance by the water carrier, before striking the sword with such venom that the wall almost burst. The dream looked as if it’ll end right then and there, but somehow, our heroes managed to draw blood, right at the death. The dream was still alive.

The warriors, battle-weary and all, had to summon their nerves for the most honorable and simplest way to end the battle- a jousting competition. Their captain was the man they look for inspiration. A man used to attention and pressure. Handsome, dashing, hard-working - he represents the most ideal of all leaders of man. And yet his talent, plenty though they may be, was never impressive in its essence. On this night, he failed yet again, missing the target by miles. Dreamers despair. Enemies rejoice. But when the man who so forcefully drew second blood for the enemy missed, we had reason to hope. In the end, it could not be avoided. The more talented and worthy opponents won the battle. Some might say jousting is unfair as it represents more of luck than skill. But for me, it is the ultimate of all battles, where the sum of a person can be measured. One on one, with the weight of a nation on your shoulder, surely nothing else can compare to the drama and excitement of it. Is he a hero, or merely a warrior? On this night, at the end of the battle of all battles, the heroes are not wearing the whites of England.

Well, at least now my predictions aren’t as far-off as I feared it might be, what with Italy already out of the tournament. What, you didn’t know I was talking about football? Tsk tsk. Go figure.

p/s: It was fun watching the game with the footie mates.There was never a dull moment.Thanks guys

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