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Written on 6/01/2004 09:05:00 pm by sikapitan

Alrite,considering that every day the front page of our local dailies would talk about the recent University intake result,it's only a matter of time before i put in my 2 cents worth.

Summary of the problem: Recently, the results for applications to IPTA's were announced.Unfortunately, for the STPM students, there seems to be some weird results with top students not getting the course that they applied for while some didn't even get ANY offer! Imagine scoring 4.0 and be offered a place in some far-away-unknown university to study marine biology!

Ibn Khaldun (i think) said that the key to a successful civilization is justice. If there's a sense of justice amongst the people,then they would be motivated to succeed.In this case, surely the students feel that there has been no justice and such feelings can breed discontent, even hatred, towards the government in particular,Malaysians in general.The point they're trying to make is that why others with lower grades get to do the course of their choice while they're stuck with fiberwood technology (what the heck issat?) or some other stupid course. Certainly, in the case of medicine, i understand that they're limited places available, but don't offer them something that would insult their intelligence. Aren't we short of pharmacists? Why not offer them something like that instead of useless (relatively of course) courses?

Another thing that has to be considered is the disparity between matriculation students and STPM students.The internal examinations done by matrics students cannot compare with our STPM, which is externally set.I'm not putting down matrics students but it's unfair that the bulk of places offered went to matrics students (allegedly). A CGPA of 4.0 can't even get you a decent course nowadays! What does that say to our future school-leavers?That they shouldn't bother going to form 6? Is it fair that in the midst of shortages of doctors and other professionals,we turn away brilliant students and instead offer them the chance to study 'ikan' or 'batang kayu'? It's not the rejection that pisses me off, because maybe there's a good reason for that (eg. lack of space) but more of the insult of being told that they have to study in some far-away Kolej that no one has heard of. What are the future prospects of graduates of marine biology for god's sake?Is it any wonder that we have so many brilliant young minds leaving the country for S'pore? Somebody even wrote in to say that the S'pore government sponsored HIM to pursue his education! If he's good enough for Singapore....

And why the lack of space to study medicine? What is the government doing to solve this problem? Are they just going to say "nope,kelas tak cukup"? Fine,if they don't feel like incrasing the capacity of our local institutions,why not offer the students places in private universities, local and even foreign. Make it easier for them to get scholarships.

It's not like we don't have the money. After all, we just spent rm500 million (official figures,so add another 100 mill in the equation) over 3 months on some over-hyped but utterly useless "summer camp". 500 million can get you a new faculty,facilities and some nice lecturers who can turn out graduates that can serve the nation well into the future. Instead,the money is going into producing more couples. A visit to UItm'S campus in S.alam showed that the NS was successful in closing the bond, not between races, but between sexes! Cheit cheit. It's our money folks, so make some noise!

The government should expect that this would turn into a racial issue.After all,theStar is controlled by MCA and they're expected to make noise when most who failed to get into the course of their choice are Chinese. Don't act surprised.

Au ReVoIr

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