Shortest, Most Meaningless Entry Ever....!


Written on 11/22/2005 11:22:00 am by sikapitan

Right. I guess you guys should know that right now I'm going through "exam fever", with tough questions being thrown out by bored lecturers who would then strive their very best to SPOT THE MISTAKES rather than acknowledge the correct answers. I guess that's just human nature. I wouldn't give a damn that you're wearing shoes, pants, t-shirt (pretty much what's necessary to be decent) but I'll probably criticize the unnecessary snow-cap in the middle of humid Kuala Lumpur.

I told you this entry would be meaningless. But music seldom are meaningless, and so here are some songs that have been burning my playlist to keep me company in the middle of the night (I seem to do this playlist thing a lot during exams, which begs the question : am I focused? The answer would be a pathetic NO) :

1) Fix You - Coldplay - Had this in my playlist months ago, but there's nothing more dream-like than the sweet-falsetto of Chris Martin backed by the minimalist music. It's crazy I tell you, but this song is as good as porn (well, almost as good...)

2) Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand - Great hook, makes you want to jump all over the room, which isn't good when you're supposed to study. So leave it when you need a pick-me-up tune

3) Hebat - Tangga - Regular readers would know my love for Indonesian tunes, and this new band serves up a great number which is bright,jazzy,smooth though not entirely original.

4) Dua Dunia - Too Phat - They've done it again. Despite my best effort to reject their music, I just can't resist the infectious hook on this collaboration with Siti Nurhaliza. Or maybe because there's Siti...hmmmm...

5) Hung Up - Madonna - Back to the old-school disco years and yet sickeningly modern.

6) Selalu Denganmu - Tompi - Guy who sounds like a girl...a bit...yet there's no better tune to get emotional without the soapy ballad-like arrangement.

7) Luxurious - Gwen Stefani - She's on fire. Almost every tune she dishes out is different, yet stunningly sexy.

8) Push The Button - Sugababes - I've always fancied their tunes. Not so bubble-gum pop yet never serious enough to make you think. I like.

9) Lifetime - Maxwell - Something from the "classic" collection, brought out again because somebody in Myspace played this on her page and reminded me that when it's late at night and you're all alone, there's nothing better than soulful singing to inspire...

10) Blue Orchid - The White Stripes - If your car has a bomb-ass sound system, play this tune, roll-UP your window, and just let your car vibrate to the wicked licks of Jack White's guitar. Absolutely rock and roll.

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