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YOUR 2006
It’s 2007, and I wish I could say a Happy New Year to most Malaysians, but I guess what with the increase in toll fares and utterly useless decrease in road tax, it doesn’t seem to make good reading for us regular motorists. Yes, don’t be surprise when you drive to work on Wednesday morning just to find your small change don’t quite add up to the fares.

Being the supposedly intelligent, well-educated University graduate that I am, I can understand the burden that the Government is going through subsidizing us all…or do I?
Maybe I could, if I no longer bother about the RM500 MILLION RINGGIT spent each year SUBSIDIZING a bunch of teenagers on a summer camp that aims to promote integration without realizing that integration should last longer than 3 months. Being more than acquainted with a bunch of kids who had gone through the National Service in the past, let me assure you that the happy RTM-friendly multi-ethnic pictures being promoted is the exception, not the general rule.

Maybe I could accept this whole price increase phenomena if it wasn’t for the fact that I kind of feel that Malaysia, as an economic and world politic entity, is heading towards the abyss. I mean, gone are the days when investors pour into Malaysia building up factories and offices, or when Malaysia was the darling of the foreign press – for the good things and the not so good things. Malaysia is slowly turning into some kind of Luxembourg or Oman…it exists, but it isn’t that relevant now is it?

I don’t see a grand economic master plan that could radically transform Malaysia into a leading global economic powerhouse. Okay, maybe I am expecting too much, so maybe Malaysia has a plan to become Asia’s economic giant…wait, we don’t have that either. How about ASEAN’s roaring tiger? Nope. But hey, the rest of the region is having a bad time too. At least I’m not from Thailand or Indonesia. Even Singapore seems to lose its zeal in the year 2006. I guess an optimist would say it could only get better!

MY 2006
How can I best describe my OWN 2006? I guess it was a year when I finally, honestly and truly, grown as a man (not literally though). The Jessup competition was a turning point, but where it turned me to I still haven’t decided. Heck, it made my life a bit more difficult. I guess it made me realize that I’m kind of good at being an advocate, and suddenly the thoughts of becoming the next Karpal Singh (for lack of a better-known reference) seems a little bit more appealing.

But too bad I had to endure another 6 months after THAT best mooter win before I graduated, because it took me that time to suddenly re-discover why I don’t find doing law as something appealing. There was even this one talk, organized by UiTM, where young members of the KL Bar Council came over and supposedly try to help us find our career path. What it did was to convince me that, even with MY OWN BLOODY FIRM, I won’t be making as much money as I should, and confidently believe I should.

Oh yes, I HAVE graduated. It wasn’t something that was so unexpected, but I ran into some trouble with the Disciplinary Board (a real big trouble) that apparently had the rest of my colleagues into some panic attack. Funnily, I wasn’t that bothered, and I guess that kind of pisses off the powers that be ie. Encik Adlan and Assoc Prof Saudah (I can say your bloody names now). So there was a bit of a risk at the end of the semester that some form of retribution might be in order, but it turned out all right. Guess I should start my pupilage soon yea? Another 9 months wasting time earning as much as any entry level marketing officer could. Sheesshhh…

On the personal front, I have officially closed out my Senikami blog which has given me so much pleasure and at the same time burden me with its uncalled for expectations. Or maybe I am just full of myself with regards to Senikami. I mean, even at its height, I realized that I was there serving a function, rather than actually articulating my thoughts and feelings. Should an online blog be that way? I don’t think so but Senikami was never a blog in its purest form – it was another kind of e-magazine I guess. But on the same note, I have to admit that one of the best, most exciting times in my life was during the Senikami reign – the fans, the glam and most importantly, the friends that I made during that time.

Moving on to my girlfriend – you guys do know that I have one right? I think I was trying hard to make this blog less “drama” like most blogs out there that I don’t talk about her that often, but I should, because the date’s been set for the end of 2007 to also be the end of my bachelorhood. Touchwood. I don’t want to jinx it any further by spilling out any more details. Too bad, because I can write at least another five 500-words long entries on the subject of relationship.

2006 was also the year when I finally got my groove back... ambiguous? Too bad, I think I’ll end it that way.

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