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Written on 3/22/2007 12:17:00 am by sikapitan

Shock! Horror! I read in the news today that the most famous Datuk in Malaysia has been sensationally accused of assaulting a young boy. No, it’s not Datuk M. Daud Kilau, but it’s another Datuk embroiled in the glamorous world of Malaysian Entertainment Scene (MESS). Datuk Khalid Jiwa or better known as Datuk K has been accused of beating up a friend of his son.

“Yesterday, 18-year-old Muhammad Kasheef Harris lodged a report at Dang Wangi police headquarters claiming that he was beaten up at the house of Datuk K’s ex-wife, Tengku Zawyah Tengku Idzham, on Saturday night.”Link

It’s certainly looking a bit suspicious for the man with the name just as snazzy as Jay-Z or Dr. Dre, because I wouldn’t think a police report would be filed without just cause. Oh well, if this goes to Court, get ready for another round of “Ally McBeal” as lawyers and family members jostle around for just a glimmer of the spotlight. Link

The Heroes Are In Town

No, it’s not Hiro, or Peter Petrelli, or Isaac Mendez. It’s our very own badminton heroes Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. I wish to congratulate them on a very spirited performance in the All-England, although on a more personal note, there’s something a bit disturbing about Koo Kien Keat’s demeanor towards his opponents. Maybe it’s his style of play, but it won’t win him many friends. But as long they’re winning, I guess nobody would dare say anything.

In any case, in terms of sporting abilities, I sincerely believe that this pair is made of the right stuff. They’re quick and flexible, allowing greater interplay and repositioning during a rally. Maybe they’re lacking a killer smash, but they make up for it with impressive reaction time and some exquisite drop shots.

At this stage of their career, and at their age, it would be prudent for the NSC to set up a reward system that not only recognizes their achievements, but also ensure their financial future. Rather than giving lump-sum monetary rewards, maybe it would be more prudent to offer investment bonds, life insurance policies, stock options, and special trust fund that will mature when they reach 30 years old. Link

It’s not like we don’t want them to enjoy. It’s just that through these methods, we are ensuring that they remain focus on the badminton court, and yet feel secure that they are well set in case their badminton career falls short. The problem with outright monetary reward is that it leaves the decision making on young men like them. Not trying to disrespect their honesty and discipline, but as an honest, discipline, young man myself, I can tell you it’s hard to control your expenditure.

Think of it this way. The boys will be getting a financial manager for free who not only manage their accounts so that the money is there, but also add to the amount through sound investment.

Aiyah, what’s wrong with ciplak?

Thank you Fong Kui Lun of DAP for proving that, in Malaysia, idiocy is not limited to the ruling party. It’s easy to pick on Barisan’s leaders because…they hog the news most of the time BUT today the venerable MP from Bukit Bintang has given me a new target. I’m bored of shooting down kancils myself. Let me just quote the news from Malay Mail:

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s plan to `clean up’ Petaling Street of fake and pirated goods has been met with stiff opposition from Bukit Bintang Member of Parliament, Fong Kui Lun (DAP).

Fong disagreed with the Ministry’s plans as he said Petaling Street is a tourist haven.

“If there are frequent raids, tourists will shy away from the place, leaving it to die a slow death,” he said. “The Ministry’s enforcement division must ease up on their actions.”

He said the easy availability of fake and pirated goods at Petaling Street represented the area’s charm and its drawing power.

“That is what the tourists come for,” said Fong.
“Let’s not ruin it and scare the tourists away, especially during Visit Malaysia Year.”

Fong said although the public are not encouraged to buy fakes, the availability of the goods provides a ‘level playing field’ for the lower-income group.

“A pair of original Guess jeans can easily cost RM500. A regular Malaysian with little disposable income would never be able to afford it,” he said. “When a similar pair is on sale for RM50 at Petaling Street, everyone can buy it.

“It merely provides a level playing ground for the lower income group to obtain expensive things at cheap prices, even if they are fakes.”

What’s really amazing in this report is that the B.B MP was so brazen in condoning ciplak goods in the Malaysian market. He doesn’t realize that by saving the livelihood of one hundred families, he could be killing off the job opportunity for hundreds of thousands more.

One of the reasons why foreign companies are reluctant to establish manufacturing plants, research and development centers is the level of piracy in Malaysia. I think it’s also one of the reasons why Malaysia doesn’t attract popular bands like Coldplay to perform here.

He also got it wrong, in a sense. When using Guess jeans as an analogy, maybe he should first go buy Guess jeans. Then maybe he would realize that it’s NOT A SIMILAR PAIR, and you’re NOT OBTAINING EXPENSIVE THINGS at cheap prizes. It’s oxymoronic. You’re obtaining cheaper things at cheap prizes!

FINALLY, a politician has shown his true color. Now you know why every time you go to the mamak there’ll be guys hanging around selling pirated DVDs. You must be wondering how come the police never ever catch those guys. They can, but they won’t. Politics stop them from doing so

It’s simple really. If 80% of your voters are users of pirated goods, and you are the MP for the area, would you dare make a move on this cheap source of goods and entertainment? Now, the Bukit Bintang MP has certainly been a revelation for DAP, but maybe he’s just shot himself in the foot with his statements. Then again, when 80% of your voters are directly or indirectly involved in the pirated goods business, he might just be making a smart political move…go figure.

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