Fighting over What?


Written on 4/03/2008 06:15:00 pm by sikapitan

A lot has been going on these past few days in relation to UMNO’s leadership. A forum organized by was heavily covered by the media. Tun again goaded Pak Lah and basically asked UMNO members to openly revolt against the embattled leader. Ku Li has already made it clear that he wants Pak Lah to step down.

Today Najib declared that he will support Pak Lah. Muhyidddin has been coy about his future, using very clever (cleverer than most UMNO politicians) tactics of avoiding taking a stand while at the same time making a stand.

Hishamuddin is moving up into the senior ranks, perhaps sensing that a challenge from Mukhriz might be too much for him to take. This perhaps leaves Mukhriz with a possible showdown with Khairy, his favorite victim thus far.

Again, they’re barking up the wrong tree. All this call for the change in leadership because the people are unhappy with the corrupt practices is a smokescreen to blind UMNO members from the real issue that they have to face.

The blogs, the sms, the vcds…these are merely medium to convey messages that have already been around for years. It is the ignorance to deal with the primary message that led to BN’s defeat, and from the looks of it, UMNO still haven’t learn their lessons.

UMNO, instead of merely changing leaders, must also change their mindset. Not one of the top UMNO man have been brave enough to come out and say that their “business model” is no longer applicable. Just like in any business, you must constantly re-invent yourself to remain relevant, but this fact is not even addressed by the top echelon.

They’re more concerned with who’s going to be in power next, instead of actually thinking that what they’re fighting for may no longer be relevant OR IN EXISTENCE if they continue down the same path.

It is not about the non-Malays not accepting Malays, but more like them not accepting underperforming Malays. Their huge approval of Anwar, Wan Azizah and other Malays from the Opposition must serve as a lesson to UMNO. UMNO must not be stuck in the mindset that their political will is god-given. They must revisit their standings, their attitude and their mindset to become relevant again.

This is not unique only to UMNO or Malaysia. Previous demarcation of political parties based on ideologies and territories have slowly disappeared with Republicans now having some Liberal views and Democrats having some Conservative views in the United States. The Labor party, under Tony Blair, have changed so much in terms of their values that the battle is no longer under the old ideological banner.

Labor, Conservatives…these are just names. Now, the true form of democracy is choosing your candidates based on specific policies dealing with current issues. If the issue in Malaysia is corrupt practices, then UMNO must start by arguing to the people that it is taking measures to combat it. Instead, by arguing over who is going to lead (a party that’s probably slowly disintegrating anyway), they have just shown to the people that they don’t really listen. They just let you speak, but they only hear the words that they want you to hear.

I am for removing Pak Lah, as a matter of principle. I just think too much effort is being put into the drama instead of looking down and realizing that…hey, we don’t HAVE credible, intelligent leaders! Go figure.


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