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Written on 4/18/2008 03:35:00 pm by sikapitan

Sorry for not updating. I’m busy with work, though that primarily consist of attending pointless meetings and drawing up Six Sigma action plans without actually thinking of the solution and implementing it. A bit like the Government, you might say. But which Government are we talking about? Since 8.03.08, things are different.

Or so they say. But looking at UMNO, and their clever leaders, it’s hard to imagine that they’ve changed at all. The whole pig-farm issue in Selangor was the lead in several leading Malay newspapers. Obviously, in the interest of UMNO, they chose to pin the blame on the new PKR-DAP-PAS state government.

And as usual, Pakatan Rakyat had an easy time in kicking the ass of these UMNO folks. They made a decisive blow by proving that it was actually approved by the previous UMNO-led state government. There’s even a photo of an UMNO assemblymen (who was one of those loudly criticizing the project) smiling with a thumbs up at a pig farm in Netherlands. Crazy.

Don’t the Mainstream Media realize that they no longer can pull off this one-sided shit? Can’t UMNO themselves think before they speak? History have shown that UMNO is not past electing less-than-savvy (very PC, don’t you think?) representatives. Datuk Zam, our former Information Minister, immediately comes to mind for his almost comedic performance on Al-Jazeera.

It is at this juncture, when information flows uninterrupted from the grassroots to the top, that UMNO must take strategic steps to educate its members on the virtue of that very important ingredient of leadership – THINKING.

Well, at least Pak Lah has announced his plan to reform the judiciary. This is a good first step towards gaining back the public’s confidence. But it must be noted that the Pakatan Rakyat’s state governments are pushing in even more reforms, further proving that if PR comes into power, the same could be done at the Federal level. BN is playing catch-up, and the score now shows P.Rakyat leading the way in terms of reform and action plans.

I’ve just got a slight issue with Karpal that I wish to raise. If it’s true that he’s trying to bring up a judge on a charge of misconduct JUST BECAUSE of an innocuous statement made in the course of the judge’s duty, then he really is abusing the PR’s influence in Parliament for his own personal use. He should be a grown-up and stop with trying to get everything his way. It’ll just backfire in the long run.

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