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Written on 1/20/2009 05:13:00 pm by sikapitan

Curious racial profiling

Why is there no Chinese working at toll booths as toll collectors? I’ve been told by my friend that he has seen an Indian doing this, but till today that cannot be verified with supporting evidence. Just drive through our highways and tell me if you find any.

Weird coincidence

Sime Darby’s recent aborted move to privatize IJN (after much public outcry, even though Pak Lah kind of gave his blessing) was linked to Khairy’s cronies’ last attempt to milk the cow before Pak Lah leaves.

Now, Sime Darby wants to undertake a massive private initiative to build a new airport for Air Asia Berhad. Now, Air Asia Berhad is partially owned by the Tune group of companies, famously led by Tony Fernandes. His close associates include Datuk Kalimullah, the former NSTP man most famously linked to Khairy in the whole ECM-Libra deal, and Jason Lo, the former rock star turned CEO who is a close friend of Khairy through their MyTeam for TV3 project.

And where is this KLIA-East project going to be located? Labu, Negeri Sembilan. Khairy is probably the most famous MP from Negeri Sembilan.

Long live the conspiracy theorists! At the end of the day, the people get screwed as all these GLCs (yes, even Air Asia, in a way) compete on politics.


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  1. Anonymous |

    smart tag no toll operator

  2. Anonymous |

    wht is wrong with people nowadays, sampai penjaga tol takde cina pun nak masuk dlm blog..

    dah nak masuk 2010 pun, there is still someone, somewhere who is being racist, and think that their own race is trillion better than the others..

  3. Anonymous |

    sg buloh has indian toll operators

  4. sikapitan |

    Err...I guess you don't quite understand the concept of this blog - it is MY blog.

    It's not a newspaper, it's not a magazine. It's a collection of random thoughts from me.

    If my random observation that there's no Chinese at toll booths offend you, which it obviously did, then feel free never to visit this blog again:)

    I don't feel obligated to censor myself, especially over a true observation that aims to highlight something different that people seldom notice.

    Like how illogical it is to assume that by saying there's no Chinese working at toll booths, I am actually saying that my race (I'm Malay) is more superior. It doesn't make any sense, which is one observation that I don't think you'd agree...again!

    Chill la beb,emo-emo pun x ke mana.

  5. Anonymous |

    i was meant to give a comment to earlier, but didnt have the chance. observations, how small it is, makes the read interesting. yknow if someone has a keen eye on sth. you'll go like aha,its true indeed la.

    dont understand at all why would 'Anonymous#2' feel that the malays think their race is 'trillion better than the others' just over an observation of the races of a TOLL OPERATOR? Lain la if it is pointed out that all millionares are malays, and why no chinese and indian? (which, obviously is never true). Then u nak emo kejap takpe la. even that it's just an observation. wont make u racist in anyway.

    Anonymous #4

  6. Iron Butterfly |

    ditto, anon #4 ;)


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