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Written on 1/06/2009 10:27:00 pm by sikapitan

I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy right now with my wife. She doesn’t like the fact that I comment a lot when I watch TV. But I only comment when it doesn’t make sense.

For example, we tuned in to Keeping Up With Kardashians over at E! and it just doesn’t make sense. Reality TV, in this format, never made any sense to me. This guy was walking along the hotel’s corridor when he suddenly proposed to Kim’s sister (the less ugly, but not the ugliest).

No, it wasn't him or her but I thought this would be a better photo, don't you?

It would have been kind of romantic if it weren’t for the fact that there’s a whole TV crew RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! How anyone could be natural in that environment is beyond me.

Reality TV in its purest form is when one party or both is unaware of the existence, or the location of the camera(s). So I don’t consider Kardiashians, Run’s House (which is the most unreal reality TV I’ve seen) or whatever it is with Paris Hilton in it as reality TV.

Now, those players hitting the club in Keys to the VIP, they’re true reality TV guys. I love that freaking show...raise your glass!

2009 Resolution : One of my resolutions is to write shorter entries on a more regular basis in my blog.

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  1. iezu |

    write shorter? emm...ur choice i suppose. but just dont lose ur wicked sense of observation. ur brand of cynicism (or is it criticism?) is one of a kind. keep up the writing!

    ps: a friend of mine puji ur blog the other day. see..i'm a decent mode of ad for ur blog! haha (x malu puji diri sendiri!)

  2. Anonymous |

    lol look at khloes face, shes full staring bahaha


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