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Written on 3/14/2008 12:24:00 pm by sikapitan


These banners and many others started to appear around KL on Thursday. In light of Mukhriz Mahathir's leaked letter calling for Pak Lah to resign, it is perhaps safe to assume that trouble is brewing in the UMNO camp.

The problem is that during the selection of "wakil BN" in the run-up of the GE, Barisan's leadership (UMNO, MCA & MIC) did not help matters by showing uncertainty and disorganization. Quite a few incumbents, who had won by huge margins in 2004, were replaced by outsiders who did not have enough support in the areas they are contesting.

Mukhriz' Letter

I guess a lot of these disgruntled folks are baying for blood when Barisan "lost" in GE 12. But the timing of it could have been better, and quite honestly, there are not that many capable (translation: liked and trusted by the people, not just UMNO members) who could replace Pak Lah...

Could it also be a conspiracy to topple down Pak Lah? A well-orchestrated loss to the Opposition would make it easy for a "messiah"-like figure to appear and suddenly rescue Barisan from its self-made abyss. Interesting?


Protest in Penang, and racially insensitive comments by leaders on both sides are adding unnecessary tension to an already tense situation. Why can't we have intelligent politicians, on both side of the camp, who would actually THINK before speaking up? Could it be entirely possible that the leaders whom we so "admire", lack the necessary management skills and natural intelligence to be articulate and thoughtful when coming up with statements to the press?

More work, less talk is better for them I guess. Oh, talking about people who talk a lot, where's KJ? He's been pretty much under the radar (so unlike him) since the election. Probably for the better, considering the weird circumstances surrounding his win in Rembau. Hishamuddin, why so quiet? This is the time for you to show your strength...or is there something out there that we don't know about? The drama could rival Mis Tres Hermanes, and it makes for great viewing for all of us!!!


Barely a week has gone past and we have witnessed one political drama after another since GE 12. While many have been concentrating on the lack of understanding between the “Barisan Rakyat” in Perak, UMNO itself is faced with uncertainty over the Menteri Besar position in Perlis and Terengganu. Rather than go to great lengths describing these issues (why aren’t you guys updated on this?), just go to Malaysiakini or TheStar (depending on who you want to believe).

Power Is Everything

Lim Kit Siang surprising rejection of PAS’ M Nizar Jamaluddin as the Menteri Besar in Perak and subsequent retraction and apology is another reminder that regardless of whichever party you come from, power is everything.

I actually believed LKS’ reaction was sparked by MCA stating that DAP has misled the Chinese voters by agreeing to accept a PAS guy as the MB. I guessed DAP panicked, afraid that this comment would suddenly remind the Chinese voters of the promises DAP made during campaigning. They fear they would lose the power given to them by their Chinese supporters.

So it’s quite surprising to read the interesting comments all over cyberspace, from the Chinese especially, that they don’t care who leads the state, as long as it’s not from Barisan. My personal opinion is that DAP via LKS, by reacting this way, has actually alienated even more of their supporters, Chinese or non-Chinese.

The whole concept behind DAP’s campaign this time is the fact that they are race-blind, that they represent the hope that Malaysia will be led by someone who is competent, regardless of race. By rejecting M. Nizar, it just showed the paranoia DAP actually has, and further amplify its image amongst Muslims that they are a Chinese based party!

They must realize that their astounding victory can not be attributed mainly to Chinese votes. They must realize that a lot of Malays and Indians voted for them, simply because they run on a platform of equality amongst races and most importantly, because they represent the alternative to Barisan.

The fact that PAS did not contest in the same seats as DAP made it easier for DAP to win, and this cannot be dismissed lightly. Instead of the opposition votes being split between DAP and PAS (like in 2004), they are focused on DAP only. I could probably summarize by saying that it is entirely possible that PAS supporters in Perak DID vote for DAP.

Therefore, the reaction was ill-timed, and inconsistent with the spirit in which Barisan Rakyat conducted its campaign. In terms of politics, it really is a blow in the eyes of the public, especially those who voted for the Opposition. A lot of my Chinese, Malay and Indian friends voted for the Opposition, regardless if it was PAS, DAP or PKR. This reaction would certainly fall foul of the spirit on which the Opposition was brought into power.

Let’s look at the “operational” side of it. Why does it matter if a guy from PAS heads the State? No laws can be passed unilaterally anyway in a State Assembly that’s dominated by DAP and PKR, and let’s not forget, UMNO. In fact, it is probably the best idea to put a PAS guy there as a system of check and balance. Plus, it’ll really make a positive impression on the public if the Opposition can accept a leader whose party did not win the majority of the seats in Perak.

PKR has also thrown itself into the fray by threatening to pull out from administrating Perak if the DAP gets 8 assembly seats. Doesn’t this seem like very petty to me and you? You shouldn’t wash your dirty linen in public. Organize something collective, discuss and compromise. Isn’t that the platform that the Opposition stand on?

Go figureJ

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