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Written on 3/26/2008 05:14:00 pm by sikapitan

UMNO’s proposed postponement of their party election to next year is a step backward in Pak Lah’s quest to bolster public confidence in the government, which is primarily led by UMNO members.

Accountability and transparency should be at the forefront of UMNO’s struggle. I put the recent election results squarely on the problems within UMNO and the image that UMNO projects to the public, regardless of ethnicity and religion. That is why it was easy to dismiss MCA and MIC (especially MCA) because all the Opposition had to do was say, “A vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO”, and you’ll find everyone deserting MCA.

People may assign fault to people like Khairy and Hisham. Yes, Hisham’s keris-wielding act smacks of arrogance and ignorance (or is it forced arrogance and ignorance?), but these are issues where the leadership could tackle behind close door with a firm hand. As another example, Khairy’s rise as a political force within UMNO DESPITE the public’s general dissatisfaction and suspicion of him could be handled and tackled by the leadership, but nothing was done.

The leadership failed to listen to the voice of the people, the growing dissatisfaction, and failed to carry out its promises which brought it such great joy in the 2004 election. There is a vacuum in leadership that brought with it disharmony amongst grass-root supporters who are tired of being pinned down by various issues brought up by the Opposition but were denied by the leadership.

Let’s not start with the messy handling of picking candidates prior to GE 12, where successful leaders were plucked out from the constituency and instead cronies were put into place. Or even the current long-drawn issue of the MB of Terengganu, where the latest news is that Pak Lah has again lost in another open battle against the monarchy.

These are issues which the grass root could address through an open election. A democratic and free UMNO is the starting point for the revival of Barisan Nasional. This latest move to postpone the election is a blow to any effort of ridding UMNO of the deadweights that held it up and Barisan Nasional in the past election.

It is not merely UMNO’s interest to see a change (if a change is what they wish). It is in our interest as Malaysians to see a change for the better, regardless of our political affiliation. A true champion of a Malaysian cause could see beyond party lines and say that, “Yes, a more honest and truthful UMNO would benefit Malaysia”.

A corrupt and oppressive UMNO is bad news for everyone, because it allows people without real competence in leadership to continue in their position (albeit made weaker because of the Opposition) and this position of leadership determines how Malaysia is being run.

Yes, the easier alternative is to allow the Opposition to run the country. Fair enough. But if the Opposition then conducts itself in a manner that is dishonest and corrupt, can we then turn to a corrupt Barisan to mount an Opposition? Isn’t it better for the fight to be between two corrupt-free parties based on ideals and policies rather than sentiments and fear of corruption?

A balanced, fair and just contest must consist of balanced, fair and just contestants. An UMNO election this year would be the first step towards a new, corruption-free, people-friendly Barisan Nasional which is good for everyone anyway. Whether Malaysians see it that way or not is an open question. Go figure.


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