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Written on 3/19/2008 06:01:00 pm by sikapitan

Rafidah To Stay

Contrary to rumors, Rafidah will continue to head Wanita UMNO. She expressed her surprise at being dropped from the Cabinet. She further admitted to sending a 16 page letter to Pak Lah after the recent election ( was it one of the reasons she was removed?) but will not divulge the content.

So she's staying on to fight the good fight. It'll be an interesting party election this year for UMNO.

MP Korek korek korek

Tengku Adnan, who was dropped from the Cabinet, has replaced Md. Radzi, who announced his resignation today, as the Sec-Gen of UMNO. The MP of Putrajaya, who was recently embroiled in the VK Lingam saga, was quite clearly enthusiastic over the prospect.

Isn't it weird when Md. Radzi claimed that he could no longer function as Sec-Gen effectively because he's not a minister, only to be replaced by a man who is also NOT a minister! So does this mean that he is less able than T.Adnan, or T.Adnan will not be effective in his role?

Or is it just two old politicians, playing the game - one knowing when to get out, the other forcing himself in when he really should get out. Go figure:)

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