Of Incompetence and Hypocrisy


Written on 3/25/2008 11:31:00 am by sikapitan

I laughed when I read UMNO is protesting against the Sultan and I laughed even more when I read the Opposition asking UMNO to respect the wishes of the Sultan. This is again evidence of political interest above and beyond serving the people.

UMNO, who previously condemned the Opposition for the whole “Perak MB dilemma”, are now eating up their words by openly protesting against the Palace of Terengganu. This issue should be dealt with quietly, with diplomacy and grace. Unfortunately, in another evidence of lack of leadership, Pak Lah has started an open argument against the Sultan, who is also now the King.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin had a brilliant idea – Idris and Co. should seek an audience with the Palace, discuss all the misgivings, apologize for any wrongdoings and then seek a solution. If the Palace is adamant in not wanting Idris, then a candidate that is agreed by both UMNO and the Palace should be chosen.

Regardless, there is a political process that could nullify the Palace’s appointment, which is the vote of no confidence. The assemblymen could have waited and use this process to their advantage, without provoking an open war with the Palace. Why Pak Lah didn’t think about this is beyond my comprehension. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t but the whole handling reeks of incompetence and ignorance of protocol and constitutional law.

On the other hand, I question the motives behind the Opposition’s call for respect of the monarchy and its decision. Isn’t transparency part of the agenda of the Opposition? Yes, it’s true that we should respect the monarchy (I really do believe in it), but at the same time it smacks against the call for transparency when there is so much hidden from the public in a decision making process that ultimately will impact the public the most.

What are the issues against Idris Jusoh? If rumors (of Idris going against the Palace’s “request”) are true, is it then the Opposition’s mantra that the Palace has the absolute right to only choose those who would abide by their wishes? Would request for lands and projects then has to be approved by all MBs in the future?

Then, there is the issue of the choice of MB. Again, questions must be asked why Ahmad Said was chosen amongst the many ADUNs. What's so special about him that the Palace is so adamant in placing him as MB? Even before the election, there were talks that Idris would not get the mandate as the next MB. TWO other reps were named as most likely replacement, and if these two were chosen, perhaps the issue would not have reached this stage.

But they chose Ahmad Said. This is the man who courted controversy before with the incident in the State Assembly where he acted like a gangster in arguing with a PAS assemblyman. He is a combative grass root leader, by all accounts, and according to many, lacks the necessary intellectual capacity or even charismatic charm that is needed to lead a state. The choice really is a step backward for Terengganu. People say that he is similar in style to Pahang’s Menteri Besar, Adnan Yaakob. Wow, that’s so reassuring.

Let’s not dismiss the reports going around that a few assemblymen were offered huge sums of money around March 14 to support Ahmad Said as the next Menteri Besar. I read that some were even offered up to RM 300,000! Imagine that amount floating around just to garner support for MB. Imagine then the amount floating to garner support for Prime Minister’s post! Sorry, I’m digressing.

So if the people think that he is unsuitable, or even if the people is unaware that he is unsuitable, isn’t it the task of the Opposition to stand up for the people? Shouldn’t the Opposition look at the man, look at his credentials, his capabilities and say, NO, he’s not the right person to lead Teregganu?

Instead, they are now INVITING Ahmad Said to JOIN them. It’s crazy. Instead of fighting for the truth and for the people, they are more concerned about fighting for power and control. Go figure!

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