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Written on 3/24/2008 11:24:00 am by sikapitan

Terengganu’s MB-elect, Datuk Ahmad Said, was sacked from UMNO for defying party’s leadership order to decline the appointment as Menteri Besar. The trouble in Terengganu has now turned into a full-blown crisis for UMNO.

Idris Jusoh remains the choice of the UMNO leadership and also the elected assemblymen of Terengganu, but the Palace has refused to accept Idris for a second term. Please refer to the previous post for more details.

This impasse gives rise to a constitutional conundrum that has left many clueless as to what will happen next. Despite what Pak Lah said, it IS constitutional for the Palace to appoint Ahmad Said. However, it is arguable that the Palace (will all due respect) failed to observe that they must choose a person whom they believe WILL COMMAND the respect of the State Assembly. “Believe” is not an absolute term, therefore the discretionary power of the Palace is also not absolute.

There are talks that Ahmad Said may join PAS. This is irrelevant because once the State Assembly is in session, you can be sure a vote of no confidence will be passed against him. This would lead to the Palace needing to appoint another person OR call for a snap election. This would certainly be good news for the Opposition, especially since they lost by thin margins in most of the areas in Terengganu.

The question now is: what is the motive for Ahmad Said to accept the MB post and risk his membership in UMNO and also take on a post that he knows will not be supported by fellow assemblymen? Is this another example of one man’s greed and appetite for power above loyalty and servitude to the people? What about the people of Teregganu? Why is the Palace so adamant in not wanting Idris?

Could it be true?

In related news, unsubstantiated reports have surfaced that police reports have been made against Datuk Ahmad Said 11 years ago for alleged rape. Apparently, the source of this piece of information has removed the said article after it was picked up by another prominent blogger. In any case, it is a serious allegation that gives rise to two important questions: (1) why did UMNO allow a person of questionable character to even BE in the party, let alone be nominated to contest? (2) if it’s not true, it gives rise to a question as to how dependable are the information we receive from bloggers and blogs and sources that don’t conform to ethical reporting?

Please note that this is merely a rumor at this stage.

United doused the Scouse

Manchester United comprehensively outclassed a poor Liverpool team 3-0 in yesterday’s BPL match. I’ve always admired the history of Liverpool, and I believe that they deserve all the support of their ferociously loyal fans. But I also think that Liverpool is not playing like a team that wants to challenge for a title. They ARE a big club, and they must start believing that. I cannot believe that they still think Rafa is the man to lead them. Their loyalty is commendable, but his lame efforts in signing players and even lamer tactical naivety will only further pull down this once great club to a level of Everton and Tottenham. Match Report

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